Commercial Recycling Service

Corrugated cardboard recycling is a weekly program that allows businesses in the City of Sunnyvale to dispose of there clean cardboard. Businesses must be able to generate at least 200 pounds (2 cubic yards) of corrugated cardboard per week. Cardboard must be clean, free of contaminants and flattened before being placed in the recycling bin. To initiate cardboard recycling service, contact Specialty at (408) 565-9900. We provide the following types of bins

  • 3 and 6 cubic yard bins with lids. Monthly rental fee will apply.

Cardboard recycling poster available for printing

For all other recyclables, Sunnyvale’s businesses may choose independent recycling providers to haul away recyclable materials.

For a list of recyclers please refer to our list.

Business may also bring recyclables to SMaRT Station