Residential customers occasionally may need a debris box to dispose of waste from special projects such as home construction and remodeling. Customers can choose either an 8, 15, 20, or 30-cubic yard debris box.  Whenever possible, debris boxes should be placed on private property, not on the street. Debris boxes placed in the street will be dumped and removed at the end of 30 days. Customers must relieve Specialty from any liability for normal wear and tear to paved areas, by filling out a release form before service begins. Click here to download »

Because of highway weight restrictions, debris boxes of any size may not contain more than seven cubic yards of rocks, concrete, asphalt, dirt, sheet rock, stucco or other dense/heavy materials. Customers disposing of only these dense materials should consider ordering an 8-cubic yard "rock box." Because they get recycled, discounted pricing applies to "clean" rock box loads that contain only asphalt and rebar-free concrete.

If a debris box is overloaded, the customer will be responsible for removing the excess material prior to pickup. Extra charges may also be assessed if the driver must make an extra trip to the site due to an overloaded box or if access to the debris box is blocked. Sunnyvale residents should call the Sunnyvale Commercial Utility division at (408)730-7400 to order a debris box. All contractors should call Specialty directly at (408) 565-9900.

Prohibited Materials:

To find out how to dispose of prohibited materials, call the Sunnyvale Recycling Program at (408) 730-7262.

The following materials cannot be collected by Specialty:
  • fluorescent light bulbs or tubes 
  • hazardous materials or products
  • caustic, corrosive or toxic chemicals
  • paints and other liquids
  • batteries
  • tires
  • auto parts
  • large dead animals (larger than a cat)

Bin Measurements:

8 Cubic Yard: 8’ wide 10’ long & 3’ tall
15 Cubic Yard: 12’ wide 8’ dept & 5’ tall
20 Cubic Yard: 16’ wide 8’dept & 5’ tall
30 Cubic Yard: 22’ wide 8’dept & 5’tall