Commercial Food
Scraps Collection

Food scraps

As of April 1, 2016, California’s Mandatory Commercial Organics law (AB1826) requires businesses to keep food scraps out of the garbage. Businesses now need to put food scraps into separate collection bins and arrange for collection service through the City of Sunnyvale. Call the Commercial Recycling Specialist at (408) 730-7484.

Is my business affected?

Review the list of business.

We Provide:

Food Collection Carts
Food Collection 1 Cubic Bins
Food Collection 2 Cubic Bins
Food Collection 3 Cubic Bins

How do I let my employees or tenants know?

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Send this customizable Template Memo to Employees/Tenants

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Download and display the food only poster

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Use this Employee Training Guide/FAQ

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Food scraps

What food scraps will you collect?

  • All food trimmings and plate scrapings, including meats and shellfish, eggs and dairy, fruits, vegetables and bakery items
  • Coffee filters and tea bags accepted.
  • Clear plastic bags or compostable bag liners.

What happens to the food scraps?

The food scraps are processed into either animal feed or compost, a soil amendment for local landscapes and gardens.

Not Acceptable Material

What materials are NOT acceptable?

  • No liquids (soups can be strained and the solids can go into the collection).
  • No grease/oil
  • No glass, metal or plastic.
  • No garbage, plastic gloves, foil wrappers, plastic straws or plastic stir-sticks.
  • No black plastic bags.
  • No paper or bathroom waste.

What should I do with leftover food?

The Good Samaritan Food Donation Act makes it legal to donate prepared food (Public Law 104-210). Businesses can also contact local food banks who will collect and redistribute food to those in need. Resources: