Curbside Yard Trimming Recycling

Single-family residents with curbside recycling service have collection for yard trimmings. This service is included with other household collection services and does not have a separate fee.

Use of a yard trimmings cart, supplied by Specialty, is required for participation in this program.

The yard material collected at curbside is made into finished compost that is then available for residents to pick up from the SMaRT® Station.

Yard Trimming Materials Included:

Yard trimmings that are to be included in the yard trimmings cart consist of grass, leaves, branches, and other lawn, yard and garden trimmings.

When the yard trimmings cart is full, or nearly full, place it curbside by 7:00 am on your pick-up day. Make sure to put the cart on the curb area with the arrow on the cart lid pointing toward the street.

If you have more yard trimmings than will fit the cart with the lid closed, put them in a customer-supplied 32-gallon can clearly marked “Yard Waste.” Place the can close to the yard trimmings cart. Branches may be set out in bundles less than four (4) feet long and one (1) foot wide.

Compost it – Instead:

Turning your yard trimmings into compost at home makes good sense!  It saves the cost of collecting, transporting, processing and distributing the product.  You can use it to enrich your soil and it saves water too! Have a gardener or yard service? You can work with them too - we'll show you how! Contact the Sunnyvale Recycling Program at (408) 730-7262 for more information.

Unacceptable Yard Trimmings Materials: (Dispose of these items as garbage)

Yard trimmings carts and cans containing these materials will not be emptied:
  • Food, scraps, fruits or vegetables, ice plant, cactus, yucca, palm fronds, poison oak, poison ivy, bamboo, or ivy
  • yard trimmings in plastic bags, painted trees, rocks or gravel concrete, asphalt, bricks, dirt, sod, or trash or food waste
  • plastic building or demolition materials, such as wood, metal or sheetrock, stumps or branches larger than 6” in diameter and 4’ long, painted or pressure treated wood
If collection of your yard waste was not possible due to any of the factors mentioned above, a tag will be left on your yard waste cart explaining why pick up was not possible. If you have any questions concerning the established policy, please call (408) 565-9900.

Dispose of these items as garbage, or see the article, "How Do I Recycle?" on the City of Sunnyvale website. For additional information, call the Sunnyvale Solid Waste Division at (408) 730-7508.

Cart Measurements:

64 gallon: 31' wide 29' dept & 41' tall
96 gallon: 34' wide 30' dept & 42' tall

Holiday Tree Recycling - "Treecycling":

We provide an annual holiday tree recycling program for all single family, duplex, triplex, and mobile homes. During this time, residents may recycle holiday trees with the regular yard waste program by placing them at curbside on the regular garbage collection day. Trees may be placed in the yard trimmings cart.  We also take flocked trees.  Please cut trees into lengths of four feet or shorter. Remove nails and decorations. Contact the City of Sunnyvale Recycling Program at (408) 730-7262 or Specialty Solid Waste with any questions (408) 565-9900.

Starting Service:

To start service call, stop service or make changes in your garbage, recycling and yard waste service contact Utility Billing, Customer Service at (408) 730-7400.

Holiday Schedule:

Pickup of garbage, yard waste trimming, and recyclables occurs even on holidays, except   for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. For collection days falling on these three holidays, collection will be moved to the following day. For example, Thanksgiving (Thursday) collections will be done on Friday and Friday collections will be done on Saturday.