Multifamily Garbage Collection

Sunnyvale residents who live in multi-family units receive weekly garbage collection.

We Provide:

1-6 Cubic Yard Bins

(call for available sizes)

My garbage wasn’t collected! What happened?

See the reasons below. If pickup isn’t possible, we’ll leave a tag on your cart explaining why not. To understand more, call (408) 565-9900 or visit How to Get Rid of.

  • The cart contained prohibited materials
  • was overloaded
  • wasn’t accessible.

What are prohibited materials?

See list below for items we cannot pickup in your cart. If you need to dispose of any of the prohibited materials below, refer to Household Hazardous Waste or call the Sunnyvale Recycling center (SMaRT Station®) at (408) 752-8530.

  • computer monitors and televisions (cathode ray tubes)
  • fluorescent light bulbs or tubes
  • hazardous materials or products
  • caustic, corrosive or toxic chemicals
  • paints and other liquids
  • tires
  • auto parts
  • large dead animals (larger than a cat)
  • dirt or sod
  • “Sharps” like needles or syringes

Needles, Syringes & Lancets – Sharps:

Please ask your pharmacy or health care provider to provide you with a specially-designed “sharps” container. When this is full, you can bring it to our SMaRT Station®: 301 Carl Rd. Thank you for helping protect our workers.