Commercial Garbage Collection

Commercial solid waste service is provided to commercial and industrial customers.

We Provide:
Garbage Bin
Dimensions Bin
1 Cubic Bin
2 Cubic Bin
3 Cubic Bin
4 Cubic Bin
6 Cubic Bin
8 Cubic Box
15 Cubic Box
20 Cubic Box
30 Cubic box
40 Cubic box
When will the garbage bins or cans be picked up?

The customer and Specialty will set the schedule. To initiate service, call the Sunnyvale Commercial Utility Dept at (408) 730-7400.

Will your garbage truck drive onto the property?

Yes, Please have bins/carts ready for collection by 7 a.m., trucks will enter and service receptacles unless pre-approved for alternative collection/staging area. Return trips will require an extra charge.

Garbage bin
Can your driver push the bin or container out to the street?

Yes, if you have a 1, 2, or 3 cubic yard bin, you can pay an extra fee for a push-out service.

I have a larger bin, debris box or compactor. Can your driver push it out to the street?

No, sorry. Customers with larger bins, debris boxes, and compactors must agree to allow collection vehicles on their property and relieve Specialty of any liability for normal wear and tear to paved areas.

I have a garbage compactor. Will you service it?

Yes. Commercial customers may supply their own 1-40 cubic yard compactors. We’ll service compactors on a weekly schedule. If you are considering purchasing a compactor, or other container type, contact Specialty at (408) 565-9900. We’ll discuss service charges and container compatibility with collection equipment.

not collected
My garbage wasn’t collected! What happened?

See the reasons below. If pickup isn’t possible, we’ll leave a tag on your cart explaining why not. To understand more, call (408) 565-9900.

  • Cart or bin overfilled.
  • The cart wasn’t at the curb by 7 am.
  • There wasn’t a prepaid tag on the extra bag.
  • Cart or bin too heavy.
  • Driver might have tagged.
  • Driver could still be out on route (6pm).
  • Bin wasn’t accessible.
  • Garbage was spilled on the ground.
  • It contained prohibited materials (auto parts, tires, hazardous or e-waste.) Visit How to Get Rid of Anything.
What are prohibited materials?

See list below for items we cannot pickup in your cart. If you need to dispose of any of the prohibited materials below, refer to HHW or call the Sunnyvale Recycling center (SMaRT Station®) at (408) 299-7300.

  • Computer monitors and televisions (cathode ray tubes)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs or tubes
  • Hazardous materials or products
  • Caustic, corrosive or toxic chemicals
  • Paints and other liquids
  • Tires
  • Auto parts
  • Dirt or sod
  • “Sharps” like needles or syringes
Needles, Syringes & Lancets – Sharps:
Properly disposing of your used sharps will help protect your garbage hauler and the environment. Please remember, all sharps must be in an approved sharps container. Do not throw them in the trash!
Place home-generated, used sharps in an approved sharps container. You may purchase a biohazard sharps container at a pharmacy or ask a doctor if they offer a container. If you buy sharps online, request a mail-back kit for used sharps.