Multi-Family Services

Multi-Family Recycling

Properties of four or more housing units receive residential garbage and recycling services. Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling and the City of Sunnyvale will work with apartment owners/managers to tailor the recycling collection program to best serve residents' needs.

Multi-family residents are encouraged to recycle where they live. Specialty collects paper products and containers at multi-family complexes using two carts:

  • A Light Blue cart for aluminum cans, clean aluminum foil and beverage containers (plastics #1 to #7)
  • A Dark Blue cart for newspaper, phone books and mixed paper recycling

Additional Recycling Information

Do not put hazardous waste or other unacceptable items your garbage or recycling cart.

*Not all multi-family complexes allow motor oil to be changed on site. Check with the property owner/manager of your complex to see if it is allowed. If so, Specialty can provide a blue, metal used motor oil recycling box containing one gallon plastic jugs for the oil, and heavy zip-locked plastic bags for drained filters. Contact Specialty for more information at (408) 565-9900.